It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll

This is a brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged copy of the legendary rock album It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll. It’s Only Rock’N Roll  was the last Rolling Stones album for guitarist Mick Taylor and the songwriting and recording of the album’s title track had a connection to Taylor’s eventual replacement, Ronnie Wood. It also marked the 10th anniversary since the band’s debut album. The albums sound was a more firm rock sound than the band’s previous album, the more funk– and soul-inspired Goats Head Soup. The album reached #1 in the US and #2 in the UK.

Songs included on this album are:

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)

Till the Next Goodbye

Time Waits for No One


Dance Little Sister

If You Really Want to Be My Friend

Short and Curlies

Fingerprint File

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Jim Morrison The Doors Authentic Autograph/ Signed While Still On Stage In 1967

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This autograph is a  truly amazing and extremely rare piece of Jim Morrison and Doors history. The Doors appearance at the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival was their first major performance in front
of  a large audience.  This was the first time for many to see the band. One festival attendee noted “You couldn’t take your eyes off Jim. They didn’t have a headline spot,but they were phenomenal”. Another attendee noted “When they (The Doors) did “Light My Fire” {at Magic Mountain}, the place was mesmerized. Everybody just stopped what they were doing”. While another attendee said “Morrison was young and slim and throughout the festival,they (The Doors) were the band that everyone was talking about. They went from this cool band from L.A. to being right on the edge of being a phenomenon”.
The autograph was obtained while  Jim was still on stage. As The Doors finished their set Jim signed on  the reverse side of a Marin Skateland Roller Rink Pass (see scan #2) stamped June 9th 1967, just a few days before this festival. The pass measures 4 x 2/12″ and is in excellent condition with just some light toning and a very faint fold (see scan #1). 
It’s important to note that this Jim Morrison’s signature and this pass has remained untouched and intact (never trimmed or cut), since the Saturday afternoon that it was obtained on the 10th of June 1967.

The Doors performing at the Fantasy Fair Music Festival